Hi there! My name is Stephen Ajulu
I am a content creator, web developer, graphic designer and consultant
I also build, represent, grow and sell brands at StephenAjulu.com/Brands

What I’m Working On

  1. ðŸ‘Ļ🏞‍⚕ïļ Studying I.T in Kenya.
  2. ✏ Creating content, currently writing here, posting videos on YouTube, writing newsletters(subscribe below), podcasting and syndicating everywhere else(Facebook, Medium, Linkedin, Twitter, Devto and Instagram).
  3. 💞I freelance(currently working to start my own agency).
  4. 🏛 My projects: Biomme(BioEmergency), The Bistro Ke Newsletter, SAOA inc, T.H.I.S , My own personal shop, my brand, this blog and Tech6
  5. ✍ïļ On this website I write articles about productivity, entrepreneurship and generic life advice that I’ve found helpful over the years, as well as sharing my favourites apps and tech.

Get in Touch

  1. ðŸĶ Twitter - If you’ve got a short question or message (<280 characters), please tweet @StephenAjulu and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I also occasionally reply to Instagram DMs but it’s much more cumbersome to do so (for now).
  2. ðŸ“Ļ Email - If it’s a longer thing, or you don’t want it to be a public tweet, please email me ([email protected]). I read 100% of emails but there’s only enough time in the day to reply to around 30%. If you reply to my weekly newsletter with a specific question, the chances I’ll reply are much higher, as I like to spend Sundays doing chill stuff like replying to emails.

Stack and Gratitude

Special Thanks to:

  1. Narative for Novela

  2. The New Dyanmic+Forestry.io(For porting the theme from Gatsby)

  3. Simple Sharing Buttons

  4. Formspree

  5. ConvertKit

  6. Bootsnipp Form Builder

  7. JSON Formatter from Curious Concept

    as they helped in the development of this site, e.g We are using Simple Sharing Buttons in our posts and pages to help you share an article that may be useful to someone else.